Nolan Ruined Batman, But He Can Be Saved

I loved the first one, then it went down hill. Nolan's story telling is fractured and choppy. And this latest had a main character who I understood about 5% of what he was saying. It was just plain 'ole bad movie making. I actually feel really bad for this Batman because I like him. I really like this batman, and Christian Bale's portrayal. I loved Batman Begins. The worst part about this latest is that it contains about 5% Batman. I couldn't even tell it was a Batman movie until half-way through. Put plainly, I wasn't entertained. I was bored and frustrated with Bane's voice and the choppy story-telling. It was just a bad movie, worse in these respects than the second. The second had far more Batman, but it still suffered from choppiness. Ugghh

Nolan's didn't direct the new Superman coming out, but he did produce it. I hope and pray that it survives the Nolan treatment. "Over-rated" is an understatement when it comes to Christopher Nolan.

Where should the Batman franchise go from here? How could Batman be saved? Rebooted and de-Nolanized, of course. I feel really strongly that Batman should get back to wearing a clothe suit and utilizing ninja skills. The Batman of the animated series in the 90s, in other words. He was a ninja, very stealthy, always in the shadows. And he was a detective, doing detective work, in the shadows. He didn't have a bulky rubber or kevlar suit, but he did have a tool belt. He was more vulnerable, and had to compensate with better stealth and ninja-ness. You know? That's where this franchise needs to go. No more retarded suits that nobody could actually fight in. Spiderman doesn't need a rubber suit, and neither does the real Batman.


Vahram G. Diehl said…
I like your thoughts... They should head in a more Sherlock Holmes type direction with it- but with ninja-ness.

That being said, Nolan did some really awesome innovative things with the series (and the to super hero genre as a whole), and kept it just about as realistic as we could have hoped it to be under the circumstances. Then of course, there is his other work, such as Memento and The Prestige which are masterful in my mind.
Ryan said…
My favorite part of Batman that seems to always get cut out or turned into shitty ice themed puns is the banter. Batman (especially with the Joker) always had such good banter.

Also, and here's a thought but no Bruce Wayne. Just have it be Batman like the majority of the 90's cartoon and the Adam West show. We all know Batman is Bruce Wayne, so why did we only get 10 minuets of Batman in the new movie? Have him be in the suit at all time.
Ryan, great idea! DC makes awesome PG-13 Batman cartoons, like Red Hood. They should bring that style to live action.
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Jeff Tucker just helped me realize what I found so boring in TDKR: