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LifeLock, A $1,000,000 Guarantee

A few months ago, I visited and signed up every member of my family. Shortly after, my wife and I went to RC Willey to add her to my credit account. As soon as we walked away from filling out the application my cell phone rang. The lady on the other end said she was with RC WIlley Financial Services, asked if I was Skyler and if Julieta and I were applying for credit. I told her I had just barely walked away from the service counter and I was happy that she called me. I gave her the approval she needed in order to process our application. The reason she called me was because my credit report contained what's called a fraud alert . All of my credit reports have this ever since I signed up with LifeLock. Everyone has the ability to write to the credit agencies and ask that a fraud alert be placed on their report. These will only stay there for 90 days, and then you have to write them again. LifeLock will do this for you. They will also: Request that your name be removed