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Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Julieta and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary in October. The entire weekend was a surprise. I took her to the Blue Boar Inn in Midway on Friday. The next day, we went horseback riding in the morning and received couples messages in Park City. It was an anniversary that will be hard to beat. Click here for all the photos .

They Didn't Deserve It

It looks like my team's (Dallas Cowboys) season has come down to not earning a playoff spot. The last few weeks they've played horribly. I have to honestly say that they do not a deserve a playoff spot. Hopefully they will make some changes, somewhere, anywhere, and come out a stronger and better team next year. Here's to hope!

Bluetooth Cordless Phone

I took the family today to buy a new cordless phone for our house to replace the set we bought when we moved in 3 years ago (and in desparate need of replacement). We found a set at Sam's Club that had something I had never seen before, and was their only model that had it. Bluetooth connectivity to my cellphone. Basically, once the base is paired to my charging-nearby cellphone, I can use any of the 3 included handsets to make calls through my cell phone service. I was psyched as I would be able to keep my cellphone charging while using it and not have to be tethered to the wall. And I found that I can use the cordless handset to make calls through my cellphone while my home line is in use. For those interested, it is a $90 at&t set. Specs can be found here . The one at Sam's Club had 3 total handsets whereas the linked model only has two.

Canadian Milk Commercials

While watching dinosaur videos on YouTube with my son, I came across some hilarious commercials from Canada advertising Milk. The series is called "Survival of the Fittest" and features cavemen and dinosaurs. They are definately worth watching and can all be found here . I will embed my favorite: