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Go Speed Racer!

We rented and watched the latest Speed Racer and all I have to say is Rent This Movie! It was awesome and had crazy special effects, crazy racing, and crazy fight action! We missed it in the theatre and I don't think it did very well, probably because it was released the week after Iron Man and before Narnia and Indiana Jones . Not very good timing or I'm sure it would have done better. Definitely rent and see this movie.

World's First Mermaid

Really, an amputee got a tail. Click here to read all about it. I think it's pretty awesome. I'd ask for one.

Push (Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans)

Saw Push on Saturday. Well, we saw 95% of it. The fire alarm went off with 5 minutes to go so we don't know how it ended. But as far as what we did see, it was worth it. The action was great, although the story begged for a sequel. Unless of course there was adequate closure in the 5 or so minutes we missed. And we'll be getting free movie tickets!

Neanderthal Rights

Ronald Baily wrote an interesting article about the question of what rights should be given to neanderthals if they are ever brought back to life through cloning, which could be a possibility, at . An excerpt: Unlike the characters portrayed in Jean Auel's novel The Clan of the Cave Bear, newly resurrected Neanderthals are unlikely to be in the grip of hereditary memories, but they might still have significant intellectual and behavioral differences from us. For instance, they might express a different range of emotions or lack mathematical reasoning skills. The rights they would be accorded would depend on those differences. We do, after all, limit the rights and responsibilities of children and of people whose intellectual deficits make it difficult for them to tell right from wrong. On the other hand, we also have a greater duty to take care of children and adults with diminished mental and moral capacities. So what if we bring back Neanderthals and it turns out that

The Coolest Kid on The Street

Oh yea! My son is now officially the coolest kid on the street. Check it out:

New Page - Home.SC

Friends and family, I've updated my main website to show recent posts from each of my blogs and a link to both my Google Reader shared items page and my Facebook profile. If you use Facebook, and haven't already, send me a friends invitation. Quick, do it! Home.SC - From Home.SC