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Mi Causa Sagrada

[Written by myself for a college writing course, November 21st, 2006] The effects of the most important experience in my life are still unfolding. They will continue on, I believe, through eternity. This single moment has brought me untold happiness and growth. It has changed my character, habits, and direction. What I speak of is the precise moment when a young Mexican woman, upon locking her eyes with mine, forgot all she had learned about the English Language. This sole instance caused a young man to search for truth, be joined in matrimony, and give life to a beautiful soul, and many more souls to come. As she walked toward me to order breakfast, I noticed how cute she was, and soon how poor her verbal skills were. She seemed choked up on what she was trying to say and decided to just point at what she wanted. I confirmed her choice and took her order. As it was being prepared, she shared the reason for why she could not speak, in Spanish, and was now blushing, to my co-worker. Aft

Disneynature's "Earth"

This was a great movie (documentary) and well worth the money paid. It has fantastic shots of real life scenes from different parts of the world. My one fear going in was if and how it would talk about climate change. I was surprised that, although it mentioned the earth warming, it didn't talk about the cause. This I liked, as there is anything but a consensus on that and to have leaned one way or the other would have left a bad taste in my mouth. It also previewed another one that will come out in a year called "Oceans". Can't wait!

Baby Post I

Julieta had her first appointment today with her doctor and she told us that everything looks good. Julieta has had some acid reflux and overall not as good an experience as she had with Skyler, Jr. All in all, mom and baby are so far doing well. Here's an ultra sound her doctor did today. The head is on the right. It's already well formed as a person, as you can tell (embedded):

Coming Soon: Another Me

My son is finally going to be a big brother! No, he's not getting a job with the government. But he is getting someone to boss around and exercise power over. Hoo-rah! (due date = Oct. 30)