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Journey to the Center of the Earth

Julieta and I went to this movie and we both had an awesome time. It's a 3D movie and well worth the extra $2.00 or so you pay for the glasses. I hope there will be more 3D movies like this made in the future. The Dark Knight would have rocked the house in 3D.

The Dark Knight

If you haven't already, go see this movie. My wife and I and our friends Aaron and Sarai really enjoyed it. I have to admit, however, that I enjoyed it more after I've had a couple days to think about it. This new Batman isn't like any other. He doesn't have an elaborate Batcave with elaborate Batmobiles and Batgadgets. He's actually quite un-fantastic. He brings a great closeness to being a human being than previous versions have. And even Gotham could be an actual city. Actually, I see it as a city without real gun-rights and a high rate of crime, like Chicago, New York, San Fransisco, and Washington DC. Although Batman has gadgets, they aren't branded like his gadgets usually are. I especially like his car, the Tumbler, and how it's a model of function over form. His suit is this way as well. It's not that he has a costume for the sake of wearing a costume. Every part of his suit has a function, and an important one, his cape probably being the most i

Kung Fu Panda

This movie is definitely one of the best to come out this year. If you haven't seen it it, GO NOW! And take your kids. You and them will absolutely love it. It won't be in the theatres that much longer so you better hurry, as movies that are worth seeing must been seen in the theatre.

Hellboy II

We saw Hellboy II this weekend and although I liked the first one, this one was a snoozer. It had too many weird characters and I found myself drifting to sleep more than once. The first one I enjoyed and recommend it, but not the second. At least not in the theatre; rent it if you must see it.

My Newest Blog, Life

Friends and family, I have created this blog as a place to post stuff that happens in everyday life. Such items may include reviews of places I take my family like movies and restaurants. And even other events that happen in the Collins family's lives. I will only send posts to this blog to my closest friends and family. And like my other blogs, if you'd rather not receive updates, please let me know!