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Turned my Sanyo Zio into a WAP

Hot dang! Following these steps, I was able to turn my Android 1.6 infested Sanyo Zio into a wireless access point: 1 - Rooted my phone by downloading "Universal Androot" from the Android Market. 2 - Once installed, I launched it and selected the option to "Go Root". 3 - Then I downloaded "Barnacle Wifi Tether" from the Android Market. 4 - When I launched that, it asked for superuser permission (root access). I granted it. 5 - I hit Menu, then Settings, then enabled "Skip wpa_supplicant". 6 - I changed my SSID to "collins". I exited the Menu. 7 - I clicked the Start button, then Associate. 8 - My laptop recognized it and started connecting to it. Then I hit Associate again. Viola! I'm creating this blog post from my laptop tethered to my Android. I understand this isn't necessary for Android 2.2 and above, but Cricket has yet to release that for the Zio. UPDATE: Cricket's Froyo release didn't include wifi