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Living Bridges

No, that's not some diversity-promoting cliche, but actual bridges that are alive. Check them out here.

Awesome 3-in-1 Bike

If only I knew about this 6 months ago when we bought Skyler his first bike. His bike is cool, no doubt, and he loves it and rides it everyday, but this one makes me want to be a kid again. Via : Getting kids on bikes early is a great way to keep them cycling for life. I got my first big-boy’s bike when I was around five. It had stabilizers (training wheels), solid rubber tires and was a copy of a Raleigh Chopper cruiser. I loved it, I often crashed it, and I painted it a hideous 1970s shade of dark blue. In between than and now I have hardly been without a bicycle. And the QuadraByke would have let me start even younger. It begins as a four-wheeled transport, suitable for any toddler to take for a spin around the yard. As they grow older and more confident, the kids can remove wheels one at a time, running through a trike and up to a bike. Best of all, they can do it themselves, and without tools, meaning that they not only learn to ride, they learn to tinker, too. An enclos