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Going Primal

I've been reading up on primal/paleo dieting the last few weeks, ever since Tom Woods, et al, have been promoting it. I've started Mark Sisson's " The Primal Blueprint " and have adjusted my diet accordingly. I'm even going barefoot as much as possible, and that part has felt really good. Anyway, what is the primal/paleo diet? It starts with the premise that our bodies (genus Homo ) evolved over a few million years and asks, what types of foods did these bodies evolve on? Here's the answer in pyramid form: You'll notice a few things missing: Dairy, Grains/Breads, Legumes, and processed sugars. That's correct, no more regular dairy, breads, or soda for me. In addition, I added Fish Oil , Vitamin D , and anasthaxin to my daily regiment of supplements a month ago. I'm super excited about this. My intent is not weight-loss (currently 6 foot, 215 pounds), but feeling good and preparing for middle-old age. I want to have as much control as