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Motorcity Powersports Training

Well I'm all back safe and sound with my family after a long week in Michigan. I was able to see a beautiful part of the country that had nice rolling hills and several small lakes scattered around. The dealership I was at was fairly busy the entire week. I visited the Detroit Temple and the biggest shopping mall I've ever been to, Great Lakes Crossings. They had a Van Heusen store there with a giant sale and I spent $110 on $350 worth of shirts, pants, and a belt. They even shipped it all to my house for me. And I saw Terminator: Salvation which was really good. Here's a photo album and slideshow of my trip:

Reverse Prank Call

This prank call to a telemarketer who called him is one of the funniest I've heard (3m, 26s, Blogger):

The Nauvoo Proposition

[Written by myself for a college writing course, November 14th, 2006] What I hid in my sock was beautiful. It was made with two bands totaling 13 stones. They sparkled under any light. What Julieta thought I drove her 1500 miles across the United States for wasn’t the real reason. She hadn’t seen her family for some time and we believed it would be a worthwhile experience in developing our relationship. I had never been so far from my family; I had never driven so far either. Our destination was Chicago, Illinois. We were going to travel across five states in two days. The prevailing thought on my mind was what would take place in the city of Nauvoo on the return home. I packed my stuff Friday night and drove to Julieta’s house the next morning. Arriving around 5:30, I picked her up and we drove to the store to by goodies and some gas. After returning, we double checked that we had everything we needed and started on our journey. Julieta brought a camcorder and we filmed most of the d

17 Again

My wife and I enjoyed this movie tonight. It was funny and had a great lesson about what's important in life. Go see it before it leaves the theatres!