Letter to My Family on Unschooling

I emailed this to my immediate family. It has some good resources on unschooling, so I thought I'd copy it here.


We had a 3 hour conversation with Mom and Dad on Sunday night regarding our plans to keep our children home from school. I would like you all to get familiar with the approach we are taking, called "unschooling". The purpose is not to convince you to do this with your kids, but so that you will understand what we are doing with our kids. That is all, nothing more. ^_^. I'll list a few specific resources, and then some general ones for your own perusing. And I'm happy to answer any and all questions, but keep in mind, although I'm extremely excited about this approach and the future, there's still a lot we need to learn.

What is Unschooling? by Earl Stevens
Grown Without Schooling? Interview with Jason Hunt, who was unschooled
Wikipedia entry on "Unschooling"
CNN.com report on Unschooling
Free to Socialize in Real Society by Naomi Aldort

Life Learning Magazine
The Natural Child Project - Learning Articles
Sandra Dodd's Radical Unschooling
The Unschoolers Emporium
An Unschooling Life

There are a gazillion more resources on the Internet. Google "unschooling" and you'll find plenty to keep you occupied, but the above have been the most helpful to me. Again, not trying to convince you to try this with your kids, just making you aware of what we are doing with ours. We'd like your support. If our kids ask you a question, take the time to give them an answer. That's all we ask.


UPDATE: Check out this fantastic introduction to unschooling by someone who was unschooled.