My Favorite Android Apps

Now that I've had my Android phone for quite some time, I thought I'd list a few apps that have either stayed or been added to my favorites list. About 2 months ago, Cricket pushed out the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update, and a lot more apps have been available to me that weren't before. Here we go.

Google Reader - I've loved the official Google Reader app. I've used Google Reader on the web for almost 5 years now, and the app is a wonderful addition. I've got a folder link on my screen that takes me directly to my "All Items" list and loads the new items quickly. Must have app if you use Google Reader to follow your favorite websites

LauncherPro - This is a home screen replacement app. My favorite part about it is that it rarely restarts. Once in a while it will get into a funk and restart every time I close the Browser, but restarting my phone fixes that. The stock home screen constantly restarts, wasting all sorts of time.

Elixir - This app not only shows you all of the specs on your phone, but it comes with widgets that all you to fit a ton of app shortcuts on a single home screen. Love it.

LDS Tools - The LDS Church finally release their LDS Tools app for Android. The best part is that it can be used through the Google Search widget. I move to my second home screen, tap the search bar, and find whatever address or phone number I need, quickly.

Aldiko - Best epub reader for Android. I use this daily.

Phone Silencer - The best auto-ringer-enabler for Android. As soon as you turn your phone to vibrate/silent, even from the Lock screen, it pops up a widget to tell the app when to turn your ringer back on. It works flawlessly.

SMS Popup - This app pairs with the stock SMS app to pop up all your new SMS messages. You can mark them as read when you close it, or use it's quick reply. Must have for anyone using the stock SMS app, which I've found to be the most reliable. Other SMS apps (Handcent, GO SMS, etc.) shut down from time to time and fail to notify of new messages. SMS Popup has never failed me.

Better Keyboard - This app puts two keyboard characters on one button and makes one-thumbed typing incredibly painless and frustration free. Must have for non-slide-out keyboard phones.

Also, I'm back to using the stock Browser, and accessing Facebook through The Facebook app fails to hide those friends/pages I've hidden in my News feed, a very big flaw, in my opinion. That's all for now!

UPDATE: I've replaced LauncherPro with GO Launcher EX. It's a much better launcher for slower hardware. A lot less force closes, etc. Love it.


Unknown said…
Those are great app ideas, thanks for the recommendation; I'll definitely have to check a few of them out. Another good app I have comes from my TV provider/employer DISH Network. It's called DISH Remote Access and with the help of my Sling Adapter at home gives me the ability to watch live or recorded TV from my phone or just simply browse the TV guide and setup recordings for when I get home. It's really cool, definitely one of my favs. Check it out at! :)