Turned my Sanyo Zio into a WAP

Hot dang! Following these steps, I was able to turn my Android 1.6 infested Sanyo Zio into a wireless access point:

1 - Rooted my phone by downloading "Universal Androot" from the Android Market.
2 - Once installed, I launched it and selected the option to "Go Root".
3 - Then I downloaded "Barnacle Wifi Tether" from the Android Market.
4 - When I launched that, it asked for superuser permission (root access). I granted it.
5 - I hit Menu, then Settings, then enabled "Skip wpa_supplicant".
6 - I changed my SSID to "collins". I exited the Menu.
7 - I clicked the Start button, then Associate.
8 - My laptop recognized it and started connecting to it. Then I hit Associate again.

Viola! I'm creating this blog post from my laptop tethered to my Android. I understand this isn't necessary for Android 2.2 and above, but Cricket has yet to release that for the Zio.

UPDATE: Cricket's Froyo release didn't include wifi tethering. The above still works. However, the Android Market no longer carries Universal Androot, but you can find it here. Barnacle Wifi Tether can be found here.

UPDATE: I have found an easier to use tether from OpenGarden, Inc., found here.


blakebuice said…
help i have cricket zio w/ 2.2.1
i d/l universal androot 1.6.2 beta 5 and the only barnacle wifi tether in app market. i soft rooted, then open bwt, changed ssid, checked skip wpa_supplicant, backed out and click start. log says :starting then says; waiting till wifi is disabled (three times) and just sits there and does nothing if i stop and restart then get cant make binary executable error and lags in limbo
Not sure bud. You'll have to contact the developer.
Anonymous said…
thanks for the info..gonna try 2nite!