Bluetooth Cordless Phone

I took the family today to buy a new cordless phone for our house to replace the set we bought when we moved in 3 years ago (and in desparate need of replacement). We found a set at Sam's Club that had something I had never seen before, and was their only model that had it. Bluetooth connectivity to my cellphone. Basically, once the base is paired to my charging-nearby cellphone, I can use any of the 3 included handsets to make calls through my cell phone service. I was psyched as I would be able to keep my cellphone charging while using it and not have to be tethered to the wall. And I found that I can use the cordless handset to make calls through my cellphone while my home line is in use. For those interested, it is a $90 at&t set. Specs can be found here. The one at Sam's Club had 3 total handsets whereas the linked model only has two.