Followed Sites

A kept-up-to-date list of the websites I follow on a daily basis, made easier with Feedly:
Libertarian Websites
Bleeding Heart Libertarians
Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom
Connor Boyack
Daily Anarchist
David Friedman
Jakub Wiƛniewski
Libertarian News
Libertas Institute
Marc Stevens
Mises Blog
Pro Libertate
reddit | agorism
reddit | anarcho-capitalism
reddit | austrian economics
reddit | voluntarism
Robert P. Murphy
Sheldon Richman
The Beacon (Independent)

Libertarian Columns
Center for a Stateless Society
Independent Institute
Lara-Murphy Report
The Freeman

Parenting/Unschooling Websites
Aha Parenting
Dadosaurus Rex
Evolutionary Parenting
Free Range Kids
Freedom to Learn
Just Add Light and Stir
Living Joyfully
Pat Farenga
reddit | unschool
The Natural Child Project
Unschooling Site News

Religious Websites
Pure Mormonism
Misc. Websites
Comic Book Movie
Free the Animal
Mark's Daily Apple
Popular Science
Whats On Netflix

1111 Comics
Amazing Super Powers
Cyanide & Happiness
Fake Science
Loading Artist
Mr. Lovenstein
Spud Comics
The Gentleman's Armchair
The Meta Picture
The Oatmeal
The Odd 1s Out