About Skyler J. Collins

I'd like to take a minute to explain a little about me:

Pathetic Husband and Father: I found my bride at the mall and married her in 2004. She's given me all of her time and two beautiful children. I am one of the most pathetic men on Earth (in the original sense). Why I'm aloud this time to roam it with her by my side I'll never know.

Radical Unschooler: My wife and I have jumped feet first into the curious world of unschooling. We've granted our kids complete academic freedom and will do everything in our power to satisfy their curiosity and make the world their textbook.

Voluntaryist Libertarian: My political philosophy can be summed up in the phrase we all learned as kids, "Keep your hands to yourself." It's that simple. I don't believe in using "the political means", ie. force and compulsion, to "get gain". Voluntary trade and social cooperation are my modus operandi.

Constitutionalist: I believe the US Constitution's separation of powers doctrine must be taken to it's logical conclusion. Roderick Long explains what this means to me.

Austrian School Proponent: Economics has become a passion of mine. I love the subject, and I love teaching it to others. I have found the Austrian School of economics to be the most correct collection of economic theory. Visit the Ludwig von Mises Institute to learn why.

Anarcho-capitalist: A phrase coined by Austrian School economist Murray Rothbard, an "anarcho-capitalist" is one who believes that free market competition should extend over every area of industry, including collective security and dispute adjudication.

Creator of LibertySearch.info: I made this site a couple of years ago using Google Custom Search. It allows one to confine their search to only the best libertarian resources on the Internet. I use it often. LibertySearch.info was founded in October 2009.

Creator of Everything-Voluntary: Everything-Voluntary is a blog dedicated to promoting the ideals of voluntary human relations. Relations in every realm of life, including politics, the marketplace, religion, schooling, and parenting should not be based on compulsion and violence. I believe that only those relations founded on the mutual consent of all parties involved are moral and ethical. Everything-Voluntary was founded in November 2011.

Creator of Large Print Liberty: Large Print Liberty is a website dedicated to offering popular economics and libertarian books in Large Print Editions. LPL was founded in July 2012.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for you book. I have enjoyed it. I find it broader than "Anarchy and the law" and complied in a similar style.

I have been discussing with friends trying to find the difference between Anarcho-Capitalism (the school of thought to which I subscribe) and Voluntaryism. I have found some places on the web but still no real differences. Can you tell me if there is a difference?
Thank you,
Steve, see this essay-of-sorts on the differences: http://www.everything-voluntary.com/2012/10/voluntaryism-transcends-anarchism.html#.UeQqg421HNg
Also, see: http://www.everything-voluntary.com/2013/04/voluntaryism-one-creed-to-unite-them-all.html#.UeQ9AI21HNg
Anonymous said…
Sorry this is anonymous. I m not much of a pc guy.

Thank you for you links. They will be read tonight.
And if you would like some lively discussion please give "Christian libertarians (New)" on Face Book a shot. There is a mix between Minarchist, AnCaps, Vols and there are a few mutualist there. It gets heated at times.

Thanks for your reply,
Steve I